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Keri Mustoe Staff Photo
Keri  Mustoe
Keyboarding/Computers & Robotics Teacher
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Subjects Taught


6th grade students will be learning keyboarding through the use of where students learn to type using the appropriate finger placement using home row keys. Students will also learn how to use google documents through the creating of different documents.

7th grade students are enrolled in CS Discoveries where they will learn HTML and CSS coding developing and creating their own website through coding. They will develop coding skills through the back end of a website learning how codes change the look and feel of a website.

8th grade robotics students will learn python coding while they code the robots to do certain task. Students learn how python coding. 

There is a $5.00 lab fee for all classes to help cover the cost of supplies as needed. 

I am excited to teach coding and keyboarding to students in my classes and know they will leave my class with skills that will help them as they proceed to high school.

Mrs. Mustoe