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Keri  Mustoe
Keyboarding/Computers & Robotics Teacher
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Each quarter there is a $10.00 fee for 6th graders and 7th & 8th graders will pay $20.00 for the semester. Your child will have the opportunity to build and keep several projects such as: rockets, planes, windmills, dragsters, and other projects.

This class studies the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) standards. By the time your child finishes the 8th grade, they will have completed all twelve modules for this class. Each quarter students will have the opportunity to complete two to three modules before the end of the quarter. 

There are twelve modules in Industrial Technology.

 Module 1: Straw Rockets - Students will make a rocket out of a straw and create hypothesis and then launch their rockets to prove their  hypothesis either valid or not valid.

 Module 2: Energy – Students will learn about alternative energy while building a wind generator

 Module 3: Flight – Students learn about airplanes and how they fly then build a flying model airplane

 Module 4: Structures – Students learn about structure design by working and building a bridge and testing it for strength.

 Module 5: Radio Broadcasting – Students learn the art of radio broadcasting by designing and recording their own radio show with a partner.

 Module 6: Dragsters – Students learn about aerodynamics by designing and building a CO2 powered dragster.

 Module 7: Rocket Science - Students learn about solid fuel rockets while building their own 2-stage rocket from scratch.

 Module 8: Transportation and Magnetism – Students learn about magnetism by designing a magnetic car that floats on a magnetized track.

 Module 9: Trebuchet – Students learn about catapults by building a trebuchet.

 Module 10: Sim City – Students learn about and create a functional city. As mayor they will learn about zoning, industry, water, etc. all things required for a viable functional city. If they fail, they are fired as the mayor of their city.

 Module 11: Gizmos and Gadgets – Students learn about simple machines as they build levers, pulleys, and other simple machines to defeat Morty, the mad technologist.

 Module 12: Home Design – Students learn the CAD program by designing their dream house using the home design CAD program.

I look forward to a wonderful year full of exciting races, launches, and fun learning as we progress and test your student's projects. I am excited and ready for a great experience with your student.

Mrs. Mustoe